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For the economic development of scavengers, who are also known as “Safai Karamcharis,” and their dependents through various schemes of national Safai Karamcharis finance & Development Corporation. NSKFDC acts as an apex institution for all-round socio-¬economic upliftment of the Scavengers Safai Karamcharis and their dependents throughout India. It is fully owned by the Government of India and has an authorized share capital of Rs. 600.00 crores.

MESC has been working with NSKFDC for the skill development initiatives and training & socio-economic upliftment of Safai Karamcharis/ Scavenger to improve their living standards.

To make this possible MESC has conducted more than 40 awareness workshops on “Prevention of Hazardous Cleaning of Sewage and Septic Tanks.” In these workshops Scavengers were made familiar with the latest equipment and technologies of sewage cleaning so that they can work efficiently.