Tentative Registrations of Candidates for IndiaSkills 2023

India Skills 2023, Age criteria

The Age eligibility of Drone Film Making is 30, a candidate must be born on or after 1994. Though, it was 25 previously.

Yes, a candidate should be of age 25 or must be born on and after 1 January 1999 to be a perfect fit for such skill.

A participant must be born on and after 1 January 1999, which means he should be of age 25 to take part in Such Skill.

The age required for such Skill is 22, which means a candidate must be born on and after 1 January 2002 to participate in India Skills 2023.

It is 25 which means a candidate must be born on and after 1 January 1999.

The age for participating in India Skills 2023 through Costume Designing, it is 25- A participant must be born on or after 1 January 1999.

An age of 22 as a candidate must be born on or after 2002 cab be a part of 3D Digital game art in India Digital Game at 2023.


No, participating in India Skills is free of cost through MESC.

As on the Website of India Skills, you can click on the “Documents Required’ section to get informed about the credentials you need to have to enter the India Skills Competition.

We are proud to announce that MESC is representing 7 Skills namely:

  • Graphic Design Technology
  • 3d Digital Game Art
  • AR/VR
  • Makeup & Prosthetics
  • Costume Design
  • Drone Film making
  • Industrial Design
  • Out of which, 3 Skills are going in World Skills namely – Graphic Design Technology, 3D Digital Game art and Industrial Design Technology.

Once you visit the website of India Skills, you will find the essential preparations/platforms/partner institutions ensuring students get relevant trainings. In addition, there are various sources through which you can get prepared for India Skills 2023 like Sample papers, creative tests, etc.

NSDC acts as a world skills &India skills secretariat. It promotes the association with various industry stakeholders.

World Skills and India Skills FAQs

WorldSkills is a global organization promoting skills excellence and development. It hosts competitions where young professionals showcase their vocational skills across various trades.

Participation in WorldSkills competitions often starts at the national level. Check your country's WorldSkills organization's website for registration details and qualifying criteria.

Participants gain valuable experience, exposure, networking opportunities, and recognition for their skills. Additionally, winners may receive awards, scholarships, or career advancement opportunities.

India Skills is a national-level competition organized in India to showcase the skills and talents of Indian youth across various trades. It serves as a platform for skill development and recognition.

Information regarding registration for IndiaSkills competitions is usually available on the official India Skills website or through announcements from affiliated skill development organizations.

Participants in IndiaSkills competitions gain exposure, recognition, and opportunities for skill enhancement. Winners may receive awards, scholarships, and support for further skill development or career advancement.

Winners in IndiaSkills competitions are often determined through a judging process based on specific criteria related to the skills being showcased. Judges evaluate participants' performance and expertise in their respective trades.
Remember to visit the official websites of WorldSkills and IndiaSkills or contact the respective organizing committees for the most accurate and updated information regarding registrations and participation guidelines.

WorldSkills competitions cover a wide range of skills across various industries, including but not limited to Graphic Design technology, 3D digital game Art, Industrial Design technology, construction and building technology, creative arts and fashion, information and communication technology, manufacturing and engineering, social and personal services, transportation and logistics, etc.

The participants/ Candidates are selected upon the rigorous selection process that involves regional, national and final rounds.
The partnering organizations and institutions identify the participants for the regional competitions. The winners of regional competitions compete in the national and the national competitions winners go in the final round which is world Skills.